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Experience the LTCAM Conference, where delegates become catalysts for change in long-term and continuing care. Attendees can explore the vibrant Exhibitor Hall to discover the latest advancements in senior care. Engage in transformative conversations within the Safety Den, where innovation takes center stage.

Witness the best of the industry being celebrated at the Awards of Excellence ceremony. Plus, gain invaluable insights from esteemed industry speakers, including Michael Landsberg, Kristin Reynolds Ph.D., C. Psych, Trish Tutton, and Teresa Blackin. Join us at the LTCAM Conference and be part of shaping the future of senior care

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Exhibitor Hall

What to expect.

In the vibrant LTCAM Conference Exhibitor Hall, expect to discover a world of innovation and opportunity. With 89 booths showcasing the latest products, technologies, and services tailored to long-term and continuing care, you'll have a chance to engage with the forefront of senior care solutions.

Connect with fellow delegates, industry experts, and thought leaders to exchange ideas and explore collaborative possibilities. Be prepared for interactive demonstrations, informative presentations, and valuable networking that will help you shape the future of senior care. The Exhibitor Hall is where the visionaries, products, and partnerships for a brighter tomorrow in senior care are on display. Don't miss the chance to be at the forefront of this transformative experience at the LTCAM Conference.

Get to Know Us

Introducing the distinguished lineup of speakers for the 2024 LTCAM Conference. Prepare to be inspired by the insights of renowned experts, including Michael Landsberg, Kristin Reynolds Ph.D., C. Psych, Trish Tutton, and Christine Vanagas. Their collective wisdom and expertise promise to ignite transformative discussions and propel the future of long-term and continuing care.

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Safety Den

What is it

Safety Den is a Dragons’ Den-inspired event showcasing ideas from people like you, working and supporting long term care who are passionate about improving workplace health and safety.

Do you have an idea or innovation that will help prevent workplace injuries and improve the health and safety of long-term care workers?

Recognize Excellence

Awards of Excellence are awarded each year to recognize individuals, teams, and volunteers who demonstrate exceptional dedication and service within the long-term care sector. These awards celebrate outstanding contributions in various environments of care. Eg. Personal Care Homes, Supportive Housing residences, Assisted Living, Adult programs, and Community and Seniors resource centres.

The awards are open to all staff, residents, and volunteers involved in providing care and services to seniors throughout Manitoba. Membership in LTCAM is not a requirement. If you know someone who goes above and beyond in their work or volunteer role, use this opportunity to celebrate their contributions.

Awards of Excellence

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