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Messages of Thanks and Stories of Heroes

The management and staff at Tudor House Personal Care Home in Selkirk, MB worked very hard to keep the residents and staff safe from Covid-19 over this past year. There was one small outbreak involving a staff member but luckily and amazingly it did not spread to the residents or more staff. I felt so bad for them during this past year and could only imagine how hard it was to keep up with the constant changes to procedures and protocols, including communication to family members, on top of the stress of working every day and trying not to get Covid-19 themselves or spread it to their families or their workplace. I’m sure it was and is exhausting. Hopefully things will go back to normal or close to normal soon. On behalf of our aunt who resides there, and ourselves, we send our thanks, appreciation and gratitude to the staff at Tudor House in Selkirk. - Karen

Victoria Lifeline would like to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of staff in assisted living facilities across the province. While it has been a difficult year to say the least, there are so many amazing heroes who stepped up to make sure the older adults in their care were safe and socially connected. Victoria Lifeline volunteers are in many of these assisted living buildings every day to install and service our equipment. We are so incredibly grateful to the staff for helping us visit our clients to make sure they have access to help 24 hours a day. We are sending all of you heartfelt thanks for a year of extraordinary courage and selfless dedication. - Krystal

Thank you for keeping my mother safe, when I can't be there. - Eileen

Hi everyone at Riverwood Square. On behalf of Vince Giesbrecht and all his family, I want to thank you all so much for working so diligently, caringly, and safely over the past year. We really appreciate it and we pray God's blessings on you all. - Gordon

So nice to have an opportunity to recognize those people who have worked so hard to keep our loved ones save across Manitoba. In particular, I would like to thank the ones We are in contact with at Riverwood Square. Linda for her exemplary leadership and all of her staff who care so much and have worked so hard to advocate for their residents. Although we, as family, could not visit, It quickly became evident that those we care for had ‘family’ at Riverwood who were always there for them. Over the past months we have really appreciated updates from Janice, Lindsay, and nursing staff who helped take care of our loved one and offered care and advice wen we needed it. The front desk staff who were always a friendly and helpful voice over the phone or when passing things along safely at the front door should be commended as they really represent the personality of Riverwood and are so helpful and reassuring. The in house staff who work so hard to lift spirits with some wonderful entertainment have shown they have many talents that have helped residents pass time and enjoy themselves - often enjoying special treats and great meals, another hallmark of Riverwood. Finally our special thanks to Florentina and Maria who have been right there in the Supportive Living house to be family to us all. We truly appreciate what you do and how willingly and regularly you ‘go the extra mile’ and love having you as a part of our family. I know there are others we do not even know who are working at Riverwood to make it a beautiful home for so many, and send our thanks to all for their hard work and commitment on our family’s behalf. we look forward to seeing all of you in person one of these days! - Lynda

For over the past year, I have been in awe of the hard work, dedication and determination of the Fairview Home staff. Each department has worked tirelessly and together as a whole to ensure the safety of our residents and each other, all the while managing stress levels from not only their work load, but their own home stressors as well. Fairview came together this past year, especially during their own outbreak, each staff member putting the residents and their coworkers ahead of their own fears, safety and health. It was absolutely inspiring to walk among these unsung heroes and a time in my own career I will never forget.


Thank you so much to all the healthcare workers who worked so very hard to save lives in so many homes. -Ross

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