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Personal Care Homes

In Conclusion

Research your Options:

Visit our interactive map which lists our members' housing and care residences throughout the Province. You can review details for each of our members' residences to learn about the amenities and services available. Some locations include photos and/or Virtual Tours that can give you an even better sense of what is offered. You can also request additional information from the residences you are interested in by calling each one directly. 

Visit your top candidates:

Schedule a visit to tour a residence of interest. In fact, we recommend visiting several. Go prepared with your list of questions and keep notes. By systematically evaluating your top candidates, you can compare how each matches the particular needs and expectations for your situation. To help you ask some the important questions during your visit the following check list has been provided.

Check List


In conversations with the individuals involved and other family members, it helps to be open and honest about what is absolutely needed and what is open to compromise and negotiation. Once the needs are clearly defined based on considerations of health, safety, financial implications and social connections, you can decide the best way to maintain your preferred lifestyle.

If you are assisting someone in making this decision, remember to evaluate the options from their point of view, as well as your own.

When traveling down an unfamiliar road, sometimes you just need to stop for directions... There are many options available to seniors in Manitoba and each person's situation is unique. Learn more about the options. Click below to access the LTCAM Navigation Tool. Select your option by clicking the "street" signs. 

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