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Contact Name: Jackson Charron Business Development



Email: [email protected]

Website: https://iaccompany.ca/


iAccompany - Improving appointment outcomes for aging adults. We provide peace of mind to our clients by accompanying their loved ones on medical appointments with scheduled transportation and a qualified nurse.


Accompaniment - Our nurse (your family-representative) will meet your loved one at their residence. Travel with them in transportation we arrange. Sit in on the appointment with the doctor and patient, ask questions of the doctor that the family has requested be relayed to the healthcare professional. Our nurse will attend to any post appointment activities such as pharmacy/lab/medical devices provider and upon returning the client to their residence, provide a same day, peer reviewed detailed electronic report for the primary caregiver to receive via email and text.


The Technology - We have created technology both web based and mobile applications to manage your loved one’s healthcare appointments through intuitive easy to use applications. The application allows you to schedule a pickup, and transport of your loved one to and from their appointment with one of our qualified nurses. 


In Business since 2021


LTCAM member since 2021