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Heritage Life Personal Care Home

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Telephone:(204) 388-5000

Fax: (204) 388-7316

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://heritagecentre.ca/personal-care-home/

100A Heritage Trail Niverville, MB R0A 0A1


Heritage Life Personal Care Home is an 80 resident long term care facility located in Niverville Manitoba. The Vision for Heritage Life is to “Create an Extra-Ordinary Life Enriching Experience”. It attempts to achieve this with a Resident Focused approach to long term care. As part of the 80 resident facility, HLPCH includes a 20 Resident Special Care Environment (SCE). The SCE is a collaborative effort with Southern Health Sante-Sud that focuses resources on the care of those diagnosed with advanced forms of dementia. 

The facility opened in the Fall of 2013.

Serving Long Term Care: (Previous St. Adolphe PCH 1972-present)

LTCAM Member since 2001 (Previous St. Adolphe PCH)