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Capsa Healthcare

Contact Name: Mark Nelson Capsa's Western Canada Regional

Telephone:(403) 795-3007


Email: [email protected]

Website: https://capsahealthcare.ca/


Capsa Healthcare provides a wide line of workstations for medication management, mobile computing, and medical supply organization. Capsa products are durable, versatile, and simple to clean for infection prevention. Workstations include medical carts (isolation, emergency response, treatment/procedure); STAT dose & controlled medication technology with 100% track-and-trace; Telehealth carts to mobilize patient-clinician interaction and patient records; medication carts in 4 styles, with an array of work-saving accessories and locking options.


Capsa Healthcare Canada is headquartered in Toronto, but please contact Mark Nelson, Capsa's Western Canada Regional Manager, (403) 795-3007, [email protected].


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