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Long Term & Continuing Care Association of Manitoba
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Olymel Solutions

Olymel manufactures over 700 different pork, chicken and turkey products, for both national brands and private labels. As a Canadian leader, we understand the complex challenges foodservice professionals face. That is why our products reduce preparation time, simplify operations and compensate for a lack of trained personnel without compromising the balance between quality and the need to generate profits.  At Olymel, healthy eating is an ongoing commitment and having healthy products for institutional customers is a daily priority. Like you, we think that the amount of sodium, fat, carbohydrate, fibre and protein in a menu is important. That’s why we’ve designed the Olymel Health and Wellness Program. Olymel has been expanding this health program since 2009 and we’ve showcased approximately 100 chicken, pork and turkey products that meet the highest nutritional standards. Its corporate chef, nutritionists, and 10,000 employees are available to help develop good tasting and good-for-you culinary concepts that meet all your nutritional requirements. To learn more about our Health and Wellness Program and our products, contact your representative or visit our Web site: www.OlymelSolutions.com

Serving Long Term Care for 20+ years