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Covid-19 Supplies

LTCAM received calls from many companies. Please ensure you ask all the relevant questions as you would with any new supplier.

LTCAM does not have information about these companies other than what you find below.

Senior Living Cares https://www.seniorlivingcares.ca/ 

LTCAM Members - Offering Supplies & Resources

1. Associated Health Systems - Nick North cell: (204) 599-4334 email: [email protected] OR Lisa Davidson 604.591.8012 x 102 Email: [email protected]    website: www.associatedhealthsystems.com

Covid Emergency Response Products

2. BJ Charette and Associates - Brian Charette phone: (204) 669-5098 email: [email protected]

3. Capsa Healthcare - Mark Nelson phone: (403) 795-3007 email: [email protected]

  • LTC workstations for isolation and PPE storage,
  • Secure medication handling,
  • Telehealth.
Pandemic Response Solutions for LTC

4.Complete Purchasing - Julie Frederick Phone: (204) 223-1216 email: [email protected] website: www.ecps.ca

5. Cunningham Business Interiors - Corinne DeDecker Phone:(204)774-1624 x 219 

emaill:[email protected] website:www.cunningham.mb.ca

  • Offering a corresponding line of environment health and safety supplies such as protective masks, gloves, clothing covers,   barrier shields, sanitizer, cleaning-disinfectant wipes and liquid disinfectants

6. Linen Plus Inc -Brian Manz Phone:(780) 469-5353 email: [email protected] 

Website: www.linenplus.ca

FebriDx: A Rapid Covid-19 Workplace Triage Tool

7. Med Supply Inc -Raz or Rick phone (289)339-4440 email: [email protected] 

website: www.med-supply.net Med Supply provides essential medical products, PPE and disinfectants.

Med Supply Inc Catalogue

8. SGP Purchasing Partner Network Rick Wassell email[email protected] website: www.sgpnetwork.com

PPE Package September 2020 SGP List of Contacts SGP 3-day Pandemic Menus

9. Sysco Canada - Contact your dealer

Sysco Foodservice PPE item List