Long Term & Continuing Care Association of Manitoba

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Winnipeg, MB R2W 4V7

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About Us


For over 60 years, the Long Term & Continuing Care Association of Manitoba (LTCAM)—a non-profit, membership-based organization—has been a valued adviser and partner in the promotion of safe care and living options for seniors living in Manitoba.

Incorporated in 1959, our mission has always been to improve the quality of care provided to long term and continuing care residents, and clients. The LTCAM introduced standards of care well before the provincial government outlined official standards. Each day, we care for Manitoba’s most vulnerable seniors, many of whom reside in our residences. We also work closely with provincial long-term care providers across Canada through the Canadian Association for Long Term Care, and we continue to share information and education that uses the best national evidence available to improve quality of care for residents throughout the province and Canada.

Our Vision

LTCAM will be a valued advisor and partner in promoting safe and person-centered care & living options for Manitoba’s seniors.


Our Mission

LTCAM engages members and partners in promoting continuing care living options and services that support the health and well-being of Manitoba’s seniors.



1) Advocate and influence decision-makers on issues and solutions including legislation, policy and funding

2) Educate members, caregivers and the public about issues, trends and strategies

3) Inform caregivers and the public about seniors’ care and living options



  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Partnership


Our Directions

LTCAM will advise Provincial and Regional Health Authorities on matters of legislation, policy and funding that promote evidence-based decision-making in the delivery of care and services to the older adult. In partnership with like-minded organizations, LTCAM will develop and promote collective positions that identify seniors’ care and living options issues and solutions in relation to health system transformation. LTCAM will leverage our education and information activities, namely our annual provincial conference and website, by emphasizing care and living options for the older adult.