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Quarterly Quality Indicators 2018

MSDS Quarterly Summary Report PCH
MSDS Quarterly Summary Report LTC

Please find the WRHA Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) Minimum Data Set (MDS) 2.0 Quarterly Quality Indicator (QI) Report. The report provides quality indicator data for each of Winnipeg’s Personal Care Homes (PCH) and Long Term Care (LTC) facilities. Results are based on the individual resident RAI MDS assessments completed by PCH and LTC facility staff throughout Q3 2018 (October 1, 2018 thru December 31, 2018). Please note that these reports provide results for both Winnipeg PCH and LTC facilities along with Canadian national averages. 

In general, highlights of the 2018 Q3 results suggest the following:
  • Percentage of residents experiencing daily pain continues to show improvement (PCH: 10.0% to 9.4%); LTC: 19.3% to 18.8).
  • Percentage of PCH residents whose pain worsened continues to show improvement (PCH: 5.6% to 4.9%).
  • Percentage of LTC residents whose pain worsened has increased (LTC: 5.0% to 6.4%).
  • Percentage of residents administered antipsychotics without a diagnosis of psychosis increased slightly (PCH: 19.6% to 19.8%; and has decreased in LTC (31.5% to 32.1%)
  • Percentage of PCH facility residents in daily physical restraints is unchanged (10.1%); and has decreased in LTC (9.6% to 8.7%)
Quality indicators where Winnipeg PCH and LTC facilities continue to perform below the Canadian average:
  • Percentage of reseidents experincing daily pain (Winnipeg PCH: 9.4% vs Canada PCH average: 6.7%).
  • Percentage of residents in daily physical restraints (Winnipeg PCH: 10.1% vs Canada PCH average: 5.3%; Winnipeg LTC average: 8.7% Canada LTC average: 6.4%)
  • Percentage of residents who fell in the last 30 days leading up to their MDS assessment (Winnipeg PCH: 17.5% vs Canada PCH average: 16.7%)
  • Percentage of residents that have a stage 2 to 4 pressure ulcer (Winnipeg PCH: 8.5% vs Canada PCH average: 5.6%)
  • Percentage of LTC facility residents with improved physical functioning (Winnipeg PCH: 29.9% vs Canada PCH average: 31.3%; LTC average: 21.4% vs Canada LTC average: 31.5%)
As a reminder, many of the Quality Indicators provided in the attached reports are available to the public and media through the CIHI Your Health System website (see: www.yourhealthsystem.cihi.ca). The YourHealthSystem.ca website currently provides PCH and LTC QI results up to the end of fiscal 2016 (March 31, 2017).