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Long Term & Continuing Care Association of Manitoba
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Annual Provincial Conference & Exhibition
May 6, 2014

14 Sessions 80 Exhibitors Includes Breakfast & Lunch Door Prizes

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2014 Conference & Exhibition Full Brochure (PDF)

Session 11 ‘unveiled’ (previously TBA) Speaking Out, Speaking Up! “People with dementia and their caregivers have stories to tell! Stories of courage, stories of hope and stories about the changes dementia has brought to their lives.”

We welcome registrations for the conference. The registration form has been revised to reflect session 11.

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Jan Legeros, Executive Director 7:00am – 8:00am
Registration & Breakfast in Exhibitor Hall

8:00am – 8:10am
Greetings in Plenary Hall
Jan Legeros, Executive Director – Long Term & Continuing Care Association of Manitoba
Bev Foster, Executive Director of the Room 217 Foundation
8:10am – 9:00am
SESSION 1 - Keynote Presentation
The Power of Music
Bev Foster, Executive Director of the Room 217 Foundation

Music for life's journey

Music enhances well-being at any age. It is an intricate part of life passage and human experience. Through a unique combination of story-telling, musical performance and evidence-based learning, Bev Foster, will lead in a memorable listening and interactive opening. Music for life's journey focuses on the healing power of music across the life span, how and why music matters in care. The audience will be both informed and inspired to a keener sense of awareness, appreciation and ability to use music in daily life for balance, connection and rootedness.

Room 217 FoundationBio:
Bev Foster is the Executive Director of the Room 217 Foundation, an organization dedicated to music and care. She is an experienced performer, songwriter and music educator. Bev has taught music in elementary and secondary panels in the Durham District School Board as well as in her private studio. Bev was the Executive Director of the Ontario Vocal Festival and has been Director of Music in several churches. Compelled by their own caregiving situation, Bev and her husband Rob, founded the Room 217 Foundation in 2009. Bev speaks and writes extensively on the power of music, especially in complex care or life limiting situations. Her passion for music enhancing quality of life and care is contagious.
9:05am – 10:00am
Concurrent Sessions

Nurse Practitioners in Long Term Care
Preetha Krishnan NP WRHA, LTC
Amanda Adams-Fryatt NP WRHA, LTC

Personal Care Home or 'Nursing homes' have become a common site where older Canadians live and die. In Manitoba 24% of individuals aged 85 or older live in long term care, 62% of these older adults suffer from dementia and one third of them display some aggressive behaviors. By recognizing the need to address the complex health needs of this population, the Ministry of Ontario introduced Nurse Practitioners to Long Term Care in 2000. The Nurse Practitioner role is derived from "blending clinical diagnostic & therapeutic knowledge skills and abilities within a nursing framework that emphasizes holism and partnership with individuals & families" (Robinson Vollman & Martin-Misener, 2005). Currently 6.1% of Nurse Practitioners in Canada are working in Long Term Care facilities.

In 2007 WRHA introduced the first Nurse Practitioner (NP) to Long Term Care (LTC). Currently 2% NPs in Manitoba hold full time position in LTC. Successfully implementing a new model of care and then sustaining it, is a common challenge in health care system. The NPs in LTC challenged the traditional primary care in long term care, especially the dementia care through evidence based practice. This session will discuss the NPs model of care in LTC, along with their successes and challenges.
Amanda Adams-Fryatt NP WRHA, LTC Amanda is celebrating 30 years of nursing. She has had a diverse career; twenty-five years have been spent working in the hospital setting in a variety of areas such as emergency and intensive care, some community work and teaching. Amanda has worked as a Nurse Practitioner in Long Term Care for 5 years, where her specialty has become caring for older adults. She is presently working on her PhD in Nursing at the University of Manitoba. Her research interest is disruptive vocalizing in the 'nursing home' setting and the investigation of possible nonpharmacological treatment or interventions for the behaviour.
Preetha Krishnan NP WRHA, LTC Preetha Krishnan obtained both her Bachelor of Nursing and Master of Nursing from University of Manitoba. She prestigiously holds the title of the first full time Long Term Care Nurse Practitioner in Manitoba. Currently she provides primary care to all residents at Lions Personal Care Center and to a quarter of residents at Misericordia Place. She is passionate about end of life care and person-centered dementia care. She holds nil appointment with Faculty of Nursing, University of Manitoba and professional affiliation with Manitoba Center for Nursing and Health Research. Recently she received a grant from the Fort Garry Branch Royal Canadian Legion Poppy Trust for her research in end of life care. She is a recipient of the first nurse practitioner award of excellence in Leadership from the Nurse Practitioner Association of Manitoba and the 2013 award of excellence in clinical nursing practice from the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba.
9:05am – 10:00am

Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia
Leslie Udell BCR
Interim Executive Director Winnserv Inc.

Improvements in health care and the community inclusion movement have led to a much longer lifespan for people who live with an intellectual disability. As with many other older adults, living longer has also meant the onset of age-related health issues and the need to find age friendly supports and resources. It has also meant, particularly for people who have Down syndrome, that the onset of dementia is offering challenges and opportunities to the people themselves, their families and the service system. This session will review this intersection between growing older and having an intellectual disability.
Leslie Udell BCR Bio:
Leslie Udell has a Bachelor of Community Rehabilitation out of the University of Calgary, Alberta. She works for Winnserv Inc., an agency that provides residential supports to adults with an intellectual disability. She has been with the organization for 25 years, first as a Program Coordinator, then as the Coming of Age Project Coordinator and currently as the Interim Executive Director. Leslie's primary areas of focus are on the issues of aging, supporting people with dementia and person centered care. She contributed a chapter to the book "Dementia, Aging, and Intellectual Disabilities: A Handbook" and aided in the development of the "Guidelines for Structuring Community Care and Supports for People with Intellectual Disabilities Affected by Dementia" through the U.S. National Task Group on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practices.
9:05am – 10:00am

Change is Great – You First!
Rosalyn Howard M.A. – University of Manitoba

Most of us are familiar with significant change - in our organizations and in our lives. Some of that change is planned and desired; some is not. At work, we may be dealing with new mandates, requirements, roles, systems, processes, leaders, colleagues, and so on. While the journey may be exciting, often it is more complicated and stressful than we expect. Few of us feel confident in our ability to navigate and/or lead change effectively, and often we don't get the results we want.
This interactive session will help you identify your most significant changes and highlight the dynamics of change – from both an individual and an organizational perspective. It will also provide strategies and tools for you to approach personal and organizational change with more knowledge and confidence.
Rosalyn Howard M.A. – University of Manitoba Bio:
Rosalyn Howard, M.A, is a seasoned speaker, organizational development consultant, and adult learning specialist. She has worked with hundreds of organizations locally, nationally, and internationally, supporting individuals, teams, and organizations in clarifying and achieving their goals. Her areas of specialty include organizational change, strategic planning, governance, leadership and management development, team effectiveness, facilitation and training skills, and interpersonal relations. She is the director of the organizational and staff development unit at the University of Manitoba, and also leads her consulting practice, hct, Howard Consulting & Training.
9:05am – 10:00am

The Transformative Power of Artists Working in Long Term Care
Presented by: Sue Hemphill and The Manitoba Institute for Artists + Community Collaboration (ACI Manitoba)
Sue Hemphill and The Manitoba Institute for Artists + Community Collaboration (ACI Manitoba) Bio:
Sue Hemphill is founder and principal consultant of Healthy Hive Consulting: for organizational and community development. Sue is a practicing mediator, facilitator, trainer, course and community developer in the areas of conflict resolution and restorative justice; community engagement; collaborative leadership; human rights; managing diversity; and arts-based social development. Her consulting practice includes researching and developing projects with an innovative cross-sector or inter-disciplinary approach.

The Manitoba Institute for Artists + Community Collaboration at the Arts & Cultural Industries Association of Manitoba is a new centre with a vision of advancing social change through the arts. Its mission is to connect artists and communities through education in the practice of community collaborative arts.
9:05am – 10:00am

My Aging Parents – What are my Options?
Suzanne Oepkes – Draft One Creative, Consultant

There are so many options for seniors in Manitoba now that you may find yourself asking, 'Where do I start?'. Empower yourself with knowledge of all the options and how to access them. The key to protecting your independence is through implementing the power of prevention before you find yourself in crisis mode. Learn about everything from home care, different living settings, how much they cost, what is available to you at no cost, and where to find the information you need, when you need it.
Suzanne Oepkes – Draft One Creative, Consultant Bio:
Suzanne Oepkes has worked within the realm of long term and continuing care for over five years in Manitoba. Originally from British Columbia, Suzanne moved to Winnipeg and began working in Independent Living and Supportive Housing helping seniors and their families discover and decide on the best options for their future. She then worked with the non-profit organization, Long Term & Continuing Care Association of Manitoba, and continued educating like-minded organizations and Manitobans on seniors' options. Currently an administration and communications consultant, Suzanne continues her relationships in the community through volunteering with seniors and serving on the Board of Directors for two charitable organizations.
10:00am – 10:45am
Coffee Break & Exhibition
10:45am – 11:50am

Concurrent Sessions
Journey to E.M.P.A.T.H.Y.
Care for Personality Disorders in the Elderly

Peter Wiebe RN, GNC (C), BRE Geriatric Education and Consultation Services

Personality Disorder, especially the Cluster B Type is one of the most challenging disorders family and health care staff have to deal with. Care provider feelings range from helplessness to outright anger. This workshop will review the diagnostic criteria of personality disorder, compare and contrast the resulting behaviours with the responsive behaviours of dementia. The use of EMPATHY driven care planning will be explained. The goal of the session is to give hope and direction for the care provider and an improved quality of life for the person with the personality disorder.
Peter Wiebe RN, GNC (C), BRE Geriatric Education and Consultation Services Bio:
Peter is known for his enthusiastic, compassionate care for the elderly person and has dedicated much of his career to geriatric care. In Winkler, Manitoba he developed and managed the Salem Behavioural Treatment Unit (BTU) for elderly patients whose behaviour is too difficult to manage in regular health care settings. One of the goals of that unit is to find non-pharmacological approaches to help these elders. For his work there Peter was awarded the Clinical Practice Award for Excellence in Geriatric Nursing from a chapter of the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba.

Peter has made several presentations at the Manitoba Health Organization Annual Conference, various Alzheimer Society Conferences and has presented at the Canadian Association on Gerontology. He has co-authored several journal articles and a chapter of the book, Shelter and Care of Persons With Dementia. Peter also is an educator sharing his knowledge and experience through his business Geriatric Education and Consultation Services. He has presented elder care workshops in many communities across Canada, from St. John's, Newfoundland to Victoria, BC. He has developed the EMPATHY Care Method and promotes that model. He currently also serves as a geriatric behavioral consultant for the Salem Home BTU.
10:45am – 11:50am
Enhancing Connections in Persons With Dementia at End of Life through Music
Bev Foster, Executive Director of the Room 217 Foundation

Music may be that remarkable "other thing" that extends to places out of reach with other interventions in dementia care. Research indicates that music, especially individualized music, may enhance quality of life, reduce agitation and provide comfort to persons with dementia. It is also an important means of self-care for caregivers. Through storytelling and evidence-based knowledge, this workshop focuses on why music works in dementia care and offers practical ways LTC care providers can use music to connect with persons in various stages of dementia.

Learning outcomes:
     1. Indicate potential benefits of using music to enhance quality of life in dementia care
     2. Recognize connections between music-emotions-self in persons with advanced stage dementia
     3. Integrate 5 ways to use music in caring for families through the dementia trajectory
Bev Foster, Executive Director of the Room 217 Foundation Bio:
Bev Foster is the Executive Director of the Room 217 Foundation, an organization dedicated to music and care. She is an experienced, performer, songwriter and music educator. Compelled by their own caregiving situation, Bev and her husband Rob, founded the Room 217 Foundation in 2009. Bev speaks and writes extensively on the power of music, especially in complex care or life limiting situations. Her passion for music enhancing quality of life and care is contagious.
10:45am – 11:50am

Care of the Patient with Advanced Dementia: What Providers Need to Know
Susan L. Mitchell, MD, MPH, Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Senior Scientist, Hebrew Senior Life Institute for Aging Research

This presentation will achieve the followings goals:
     1. Describe the clinical course of advanced dementia;
     2. Present the most common complications that occur in advanced dementia;
     3. Outline an approach to decision-making for these complications.

These three goals will be informed by the most up-to-date research.
Susan L. Mitchell, MD, MPH, Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School Bio:
Susan L. Mitchell, MD, MPH, a geriatrician and health services researcher, is a Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Senior Scientist at Hebrew Senior Life Institute for Aging Research in Boston. She graduated from the University of Ottawa Medical School, and has a Master's degree in Public Health from Harvard. She is a member of the Association of American Physicians. Her research focuses on decision-making, outcomes, and resource utilization in advanced dementia. She has been the Principal Investigator on several NIH funded grants that aim to improve the end-of-life experience for patients with advanced dementia and their families.
10:45am – 11:50am

Geriatrician Services in Manitoba
Dr. Phil St John, MD, MPH, FRCPC
Section Head of the Geriatrics Department Faculty of Medicine

Geriatricians are specialists in the care of older adults. The specialty started in the UK between the wars, when poor houses were adapted to care for older adults. These new units were more physically appropriate, and care was provided by a team of health care professionals. This care model was subsequently adapted to outpatient and acute care settings, and now has a large number of randomized clinical trials to show a benefit. In Winnipeg, there is an integrated system of care, with Geriatric Assessment and Rehabilitation Units, inpatient consultation services, outreach teams doing home visits, outpatient clinics and Geriatric Day Hospitals. The number of specialist geriatricians in Winnipeg has declined from 8.5 to 4 in recent years, and few geriatricians are being recruited nationally. Maintaining clinical and academic duties has been, and will be, difficult.
Dr. Phil St John, MD, MPH, FRCPC Bio:
Dr. Phil St. John was born and grew up in Minnedosa. He is an Associate Professor in the Section of Geriatric Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine and is the Head for the Section of Geriatric Medicine as well as Course Director, Geriatric Medicine for Undergraduate Medical Education at the University of Manitoba. He did his MD at the University of Manitoba, and a Rotating Internship at Memorial University. He obtained his Internal Medicine training at the University of Manitoba and his subspecialty training at the University of Ottawa. He obtained a Masters in Public Health (Epidemiology) from Johns Hopkins University. He has taught and published in both geriatric medicine and health policy. Dr. St. John's research interests are in rural health, and the epidemiology of cognitive loss and depression. He is a Clinical Associate at the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy and an affiliate of the Centre on Aging at the University of Manitoba. His clinical practice is as a Consultant Geriatrician sited at Health Sciences Centre and as an Attending Geriatrician at Riverview Health Centre as well as providing rural geriatric consultation services through the Northern Medical Unit.
10:45am – 11:50am

To be announced
12:00pm – 12:30pm

Session 12
Awards for Excellence Ceremony
12:30 Lunch
12:30pm -1:30pm
Dessert & Exhibition
Minding Dad
1:30pm - 2:30 Plenary

Minding Dad
By Kenneth Brown
Directed by Keltie Brown
Featuring Kenneth Brown and Jon Paterson
Co-Produced with THEATrePUBLIC

From the writer/director of the Fringe Festival hits, Letters in Wartime and Spiral Dive comes a sweet, bitter, funny new play about loss, redemption, and the lasting power of love. Jon Paterson (Outstanding Performance winner, London Fringe 2012) plays a son trying to make his father's life as rich as he can, while watching him gradually fade into the mist of Alzheimer's.

Keltie Brown – Director Keltie is a graduate of the University of Alberta department of Drama. She has been working in professional theatre since 2003, as am administrator, designer, stage manager and director. Last year, she directed Kafka's Metamorphosis at the Edmonton Fringe and Bedlam, which toured to Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton, winning Calgary's Junior Jester Cap award. Keltie is also the co-curator of their Canoe Theatre Festival.

Kenneth Brown - Playwright, Dad Kenneth Brown is an actor, director, teacher, and playwright who has been active in theatre since 1971. Born in Edmonton, he has worked across Canada and abroad. A graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada, he also holds a Masters degree from the University of Alberta. He founded THEATrePUBLIC Theatre Society in 1984, co-founded RIBBIT PRODUCTIONS in 1999 with several MacEwan grads for whom he directed and/or co-created national hits Bouncers, Be a Man, and Boy Groove. Ken's name is indelibly associated with the Fringe theatre movement. He has produced, directed, written, or acted in more Fringe plays than anyone in Canada. Among the most successful are Grimmer Than Grimm, Diamond Dog, Boy Groove, The Old Curiosity Shop, Garneau Kid, Joseph Andrews, Letters in Wartime, and Be a Man. Ken's association with francophone theatre began with translating Michel Garneau's Les Neiges. His own play Cowboy Poetre has played widely across the country, including the National Arts Centre, in the French language. Ken has won Sterling Awards for writing, directing and producing. He has also been honoured with a City of Edmonton Arts Excellence Award, and two AMPIA awards. He has also been nominated for a Dora (Toronto) for Best Director of a Musical.

Jon Paterson – Dan Jon Paterson has been working in theatre for the past 20 years and has been a founding member and co-artistic producer of Ribbit Productions since 2000. Jon studied theatre at Grant Macewan University, where he began his association with Kenneth Brown. Jon has co-produced and performed in over a dozen Ribbit shows including BoyGroove, Grimmer than Grimm, House, Water and Letters in Wartime, on national Fringe Festival tours. Jon has performed in various theatre and festivals across Canada including The Centaur Wildside Festival, Canoe Theatre Festival, Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, Mayfield Dinner Theatre, Vertigo Mystery Theatre and the Winnipeg Improv Festival. In 2010 Jon joined the National Stiltwalkers of Canada and has recently studied clown with Michael Kennard of Mump and Smoot. Jon has stilt walked for NSC as well as Firefly Theatre and Zero Gravity Circus and recently performed stilt in his first Ribbit show, Passages. Jon is also a stage manager, poster designer, and Winnipeg Jets fan.
2:30pm – 3:00pm
Coffee Break & Exhibition
3:00pm – 4:15pm

SESSION 14 - Keynote Presentation
Introduced by the LTCAM Conference GOLD Partner- Complete Purchasing Services

The Nerve to Serve, Say Hello to Humor & Goodbye to Burnout!
Jody Urquhart, Author and Motivation Speaker

Humor helps. The ability to laugh at life helps us deal with daily disappointments and setbacks. Humor gives professionals the nerve to serve in our increasingly complex and challenging environment. Join us as we demonstrate how humor helps you stay in control, stay positive, and maintain balance and perspective.
Jody Urquhart, Author and Motivation Speaker Bio:
Jody is passionate about spreading the message of the importance of fun at work. A motivational speaker for over 14 years, Jody is a motivational keynote speaker at over 60 organizations and associations every year, and is a top keynote speaker. Jody's trademark is to deliver very funny motivational speeches; humour is a key part of her audience connection. Jody is author of the book All Work & No SAY. Her mission is to help motivate people to derive more meaning, fun and satisfaction from their work. Jody is a featured guest speaker for the GE Healthcare Tip-TV program, broadcast in over 2600 healthcare facilities. Her insights and expertise earned her the 2008 Bronze Award in the 29th Annual Telly Awards for excellence in programming this presentation.
4:15 – 4:30 pm
Door Prizes
Dozens of Door Prizes and Giveaways from our Exhibitors & Sponsors



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